Our Team

We are now looking to grow our team and to solidify volunteer roles – in which helpful members pitch in where they can – into something more concrete. This kind of purposeful volunteerism is a great way to build evidence of concrete skills on your CV/resume if, for example, you want to develop Direct Marketing or Social Media (or any other) experience but do not work in that environment today.

The kinds of roles we are looking to fill are:

  • Circle Moderators – who lead small circles of 8-12 people (give or take) in their offices or community in support of their members and the overall vision of Lean In.
  • Learning & Development Director (and/or Working Group) – develop and deliver programmes to broaden the horizons & deepen the skill sets of chapter members.
  • Marketing Director (and/or Working Group) – to produce marketing collateral and convey the message of Lean In Together South England – and Lean In as a whole.
  • Social Media Director (and/or Working Group) – to produce & share content that get conversations going online and drive people to our events/websites.
  • Director of Outreach – to build our network and develop relationships that lead to partnerships with organisations and connections to new speakers.
  • Operations Director – to help us solve logistical challenges, such as where to host a circle in a new location.
  • Special Advisors – open to your suggestions if you have a certain expertise.

More information to follow about these roles, but please contact me directly at LeanInSouthUK@gmail.com if you are interested in learning more about any of these voluntary roles.