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Thank you so much for clicking on this link: there are a lot of ways that you can get involved to make our chapter a success. You can support on many levels – either as an individual or as an employee/employer.

Email if you’d be interested in any of the following opportunities to get involved.

As an individual

  • You can join our online community, attend our events, and share our news
  • You can share your knowledge as a speaker or guest blogger: if you’re passionate about something, let us know
  • You can mentor other members of our community
  • You can take a leadership role on our team
  • You can step up to lead a circle at work or in your community – using the support from us and
  • You can use your network to connect us to resources, like speakers, space, and sponsorship

As an employee/employer

  • You can become a partner and work with our team to reach individuals in your organisation (and wider community) with impactful events/workshops
  • You can connect us to speakers on a variety of topics: even people who’ve never spoken before could have incredible knowledge or depth of experience to share
  • You can connect us to office space to hold our free events
  • You can sponsor our activities in other ways – e.g. pay for our catering during the networking portion of events