Join us in Southampton on the 16th May to launch our partnership with Hants Digital Women!

Hants Digital Women is a self-organised community, dedicated to the promotion of technology as a profession that’s open to all. It seeks to encourage discussion on topics relevant to women in Digital roles or organisations – and to create an environment that truly embraces gender diversity and promotes the success of its members. It has been operating for the last year out of Ordnance Survey in Southampton.

We’re delighted to be partnering with them in our quest to develop a more diverse pipeline of leaders in tech, business, and across society as a whole.

What can you expect on the 16th…

  • An overview of the state of diversity in business today – and why it’s important to cultivate diversity at all
  • What “Leaning In” to our careers and our lives means for a variety of speakers from different backgrounds
  • How we can all gain from “Leaning In” Together
  • Networking before and afterwards (with a bit of support if you’re new to “networking”)
  • A chance to get involved, help others, and harness the power of peer support for yourself


Amazing things are happening in networks around the south of England, across the country, and far beyond. We’re convinced that, if we work together and pool resources, we can touch a lot of lives. That’s why we want to bring people together for larger events.

It’s early days for the Lean In Together movement in South England. We’re creating new connections to these networks every day and want to collaborate on large events in the very near future – that’s our goal for 2017.

What kind of events? We have options – and what we choose to do should be shaped by you – but here are a few:

  • Circle Matching – connecting you with small peer support groups at times/places that work for you
  • Key Skills Development: Networking, Negotiation
  • Leadership
  • Goal-Setting and/or Career Planning
  • Identity and Diversity in the Workplace
  • …help us add to this list

Are you part of a network that would like to collaborate with us? Do you want to attend an event like the one above? We hope you’ll get in touch at and get involved because we absolutely need you to make it happen.