Lean In Circles

Lean In Circle

A Lean In Circle is a group of people who meet regularly to learn and grow together. You may already be lucky enough to have a circle of friends or a community for this.

There’s no set way to run a Lean In Circle: different circles have different areas of focus and ways of working – it all depends on the needs and goals of the members and how they shape it together.

Whether you’re already in a circle or not, there are benefits to linking up with Lean In South England:

  •  Access to amazing materials and resources on the LeanIn.org website to help you facilitate meetings and inspire you in different directions. For example, check-out some of the expert videos and all-in-one meeting guides.
  • Relationships within a worldwide community of people with whom you can pool resources, make connections, and achieve amazing things!

The quickest way to connect with us is by joining Lean In South England on Facebook or LeanIn.org – we would absolutely love to hear from you and help you find (or create) the circle for you.