How We Got Here: Where Are We Exactly?

I gave a brief history of who I am and why I started this chapter here. Now for Part 2.

Note that this was written in January 2017, so where we are has changed.

Part 2: Lean In TogetherChapter Logo

I expected to get one or two sign ups and start small, maybe grow over a couple years. Within days, I had to upgrade my membership and soon I had more than a hundred people who were interested in what the group had to offer. So where I was expecting the group to grow slowly, it actually grew too quickly for my level of vision and planning. But this is amazing: it means that a few peer support circles can spring up out of this as long as people are willing to lead them.

So far, I’ve started one in Southampton that meets monthly: we’ve had a kick off meeting, one on ‘Finding Meaning’ in which we set some resolutions for 2017, and our next meeting is all about productivity and getting things done for ourselves – it’s on the 9th of February. Come along, if you’re interested!

But I’ve also been meeting Lean In Leaders from around the world – namely those in Minnesota and Belfast, whose chapters are an inspiration and whose collaborative leaders are truly energising – to help me work out how to approach all this.  Not only that, but I’ve also met with some local peer support networks, like this one in Winchester, and learned of other groups that are a bit further away from me or in companies or doing slightly different things.

With all of this interest and all of these resources to hand, it’s only going to take a few more of us to get together and really grow something fantastic. Are you in? If so, say hi on Facebook or I can’t wait to meet  you!

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