All About Us

Lean In Together: South England Do a volunteer-run community of men and women who support one another to achieve their goals (see Our Team). We want to build a more equitable and diverse community of leaders at work, in communities, at home – in all aspects of social life. If this sounds good to you, we’d love for you to connect on Facebook or

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How We Work: Circles and Chapters

The Lean In movement began with Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg, whose TED Talk on “Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders” led to a book and a movement. Lean In Circles are at the core of our mission because they encourage us, as individuals, to learn, take chances, develop, and grow together. It is all about collaboration and harnessing the power of peer support. At any time, you can join or launch a circle within the Lean In South England community. Email to learn more.

This Chapter

There are many vibrant peer support circles and women’s networks in companies and communities across the south of England. Some use the Lean In brand; others don’t. Whether or not they call themselves Lean In, we want to connect these groups and pool resources. That way, we can reach wider audiences and leverage a more powerful network to deliver impactful programming.

Whether you are an individual looking to grow, a speaker looking for an audience, an employer looking for a partner, or all of the above, there are lots of ways to get involved.

As a participant in Lean In’s Circle program, Lean In Together: South England is using Lean In’s name, program logos and other branded materials under a license from LeanIn.Org.

Although Lean In Together: South England is an independent group, and LeanIn.Org does not control its activities, Lean In authorises Lean In Together: South England’s use of Lean In branded materials as a part of its growing community. Visit to learn more about Lean In Circles or to join or start your own